Switching exposure mode

To control exposure to suit your purpose of shooting or the amount of light in the scene, you can switch exposure modes. Background blurring and brightness adjustment is available not only when shooting still images but also for movies. You can switch exposure modes with the following dial.

Mode dial

Setting the camera

When shooting still images

  1. Mode dial

    Turn the mode dial to select P, A, S, or M as your preferred shooting mode.

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When shooting movies

  1. Mode dial

    Set the mode dial to (Movie).

  2. [Exposure Mode]

    MENU → (Camera Settings2) → [Exposure Mode] → shooting mode (P, A, S, or M).

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Guide to using the camera

Recommended settings

To shoot with automatic exposure (setting the shutter speed and aperture value automatically): P mode (Program Auto)

Enables shooting at a standard exposure level set by the camera, when you will not use flash. A convenient mode for shooting without worrying about exposure. Additionally, you can select a combination of aperture value and shutter speed by turning the control dial.

To blur the background or keep subjects across the entire screen in focus: A mode (Aperture Priority)

A mode (Aperture Priority) is recommended when you prefer to set the aperture value (f-number) manually. Once you decide the aperture value, the camera sets the shutter speed and ISO automatically, for standard exposure.

To make fast-moving subjects appear frozen or, water or light appear to flow: S mode (Shutter Priority)

Select S mode (Shutter Priority) to set the shutter speed manually. The camera sets the aperture value (f-number) and ISO automatically, for standard exposure.

To shoot with manual exposure (setting the shutter speed and aperture value manually): M mode (Manual Exposure)

Adjust both the shutter speed and aperture value to shoot with your preferred exposure. Use this mode for bulb shooting. Effective for shots that capture star trails or flowing fireworks.

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To make the overall image brighter or darker based on automatic exposure

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To specify the part of the screen used for metering, which determines automatic exposure

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To link the spot metering position to the focus area

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Locking exposure after metering on a spot enabling standard subject brightness

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*The menu screen images on this web page have been simplified for display purposes, and do not exactly reflect the actual screen display of the camera.

Note: The images on this web page are provided as examples only. They are not actual images taken by this camera.

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