(Shooting movies)Using touch operations to select a subject you want to track

You can use touch operations to select a subject you want to track.

[Touch Tracking]

Setting the camera

  1. [Focus Mode]

    MENU → (Camera Settings1) → [Focus Mode] → [Continuous AF].

  2. [Touch Operation]

    MENU → (Setup) → [Touch Operation] → [On].

  3. [Touch Panel/Pad]

    MENU → (Setup) → [Touch Panel/Pad] → desired setting.

  4. [Touch Pad Settings]

    MENU → (Setup) → [Touch Pad Settings] → select your preferred setting.

  5. [Func. of Touch Operation]

    MENU → (Camera Settings2) → [Func. of Touch Operation] → [Touch Tracking].

Guide to using the camera

Tracking frame display

The white frame shown below is displayed when you touch a subject on the monitor, indicating that tracking with the subject in focus is possible. To shoot a movie as the camera tracks the subject, press the MOVIE button in this state.

Note that touching the monitor does not enable tracking when you select [Zone], [Flexible Spot], or [Expand Flexible Spot] and the triangles (up/down/left/right) are displayed on the monitor. To enable tracking, either press the center of the control wheel or start shooting a movie, and then touch a subject on the monitor after the triangles (up/down/left/right) displayed on the monitor disappear.

To cancel tracking, touch the icon or press the center of the control wheel.

Tracking is enabled and a subject is in focus

Moving focusing frames in viewfinder mode

When [Touch Position Mode] is set to [Relative Position], and if you touch the monitor while looking into the viewfinder, you can drag and move the focusing frame with your finger touching the monitor.

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The link between Tracking and [Face/Eye AF Set.]

If you set [Face/Eye AF Set.] to focus on a face or eye of a person beforehand, a focusing frame will move automatically to any detected face or eye while tracking a subject. This is effective for sports photography or for photographing portraits of a model making spinning motions.

  1. Tracking distant subjects

  2. If a face is detected once the subject is closer, the focusing frame will move to the face or eyes。

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*The menu screen images on this web page have been simplified for display purposes, and do not exactly reflect the actual screen display of the camera.