Using touch operations to take selfies

By opening the monitor transversely and facing it forward, you can check the image displayed as you take selfies by touch.

It is convenient to use the Self-portrait/ -timer function when shooting still images.

Self-portrait/ -timer

Setting the camera

  1. [Touch Operation]

    MENU → (Setup) → [Touch Operation] → [On].

  2. [Focus Area]

    MENU → (Camera Settings1) → [Focus Area] → select [Wide], [Zone], or [Center].

  3. [Self-portrait/ -timer]

    MENU → (Camera Settings1) → [Self-portrait/ -timer] → [On].

  4. Selfie position

    Pressing the MENU button.(Switch this product to shooting mode.)
    Open the monitor transversely, face it forward, and then point the lens at yourself.

Guide to using the camera

Shooting with [Self-portrait/ -timer]

[Self-portrait/ -timer] is available when shooting still images after you set [Self-portrait/ -timer] to [On] and tilt the monitor approximately 180° upward. When you are ready to shoot, check the image displayed and touch the monitor. Shots with less camera shake are possible, because the camera focuses on you in the position when you touch the monitor and shoots three seconds later, using the self-timer.*
When [Focus Area] is set to [Zone], press the center of the control wheel to lock the focus frame, and then touch the monitor.

You can also shoot by pressing the shutter button. In this case, press the shutter button halfway down to focus before pressing it all the way down to shoot. The camera will shoot three seconds later, using the self-timer.*

* The self-timer uses [AF-S] autofocus, which is locked once subjects are in focus.

Focusing on a person’s face or eyes

Set [Focus Area] to [Wide], [Zone], or [Center], [Face/Eye Priority in AF] under [Face/Eye AF Set.] to [On], and [Subject Detection] under [Face/Eye AF Set.] to [Human] in advance, and then configure the camera for selfie shooting as described above to enable [Self-portrait / -timer]. On the monitor, touch the face on which you wish to focus. The shutter will be released automatically by the self-timer* three seconds after the face/eye enters focus.

* The self-timer uses [AF-S] autofocus, which is locked once subjects are in focus.

Main settings
  1. MENU → (Camera Settings1) → [Focus Area] → select [Wide], [Zone], or [Center].

  2. MENU → (Camera Settings1) → [Face/Eye AF Set.] → [Face/Eye Prty in AF] → [On].
    To enable the [Self-portrait / -timer] function: MENU → (Camera Settings1) → [Face/Eye AF Set.] → [Subject Detection] → [Human].

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Using function of touch operation other than [Touch Shutter]

The function for touch operations on the monitor is [Touch Shutter] when [Self-portrait/ -timer] is set to [On] and the monitor is opened transversely and facing forward.To use [Touch Focus] or [Touch Tracking], set [Self-portrait/ -timer] to [Off] and specify your preferred function for [Func. of Touch Operation].

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*The menu screen images on this web page have been simplified for display purposes, and do not exactly reflect the actual screen display of the camera.

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