Example of setting for shooting an insect

The following is a summary of the points and setting tips for focusing on the head or entire insect.

Insect (Head of insect on the grass, etc.)

Recommended settings

MENU items Setting values
[Focus Mode] [Continuous AF]
[Priority Set in AF-C] [Balanced Emphasis]
[AF Tracking Sensitivity] [3(Standard)]
[Focus Area] [Tracking: Spot M]
[Spot: M]
[Expand Spot]
[Switch V/H AF Area] [AF Point Only]
[Subject Recog in AF] [On]
[Recognition Target] [Insect]
[Recognition Target] → [Insect] → Detailed settings [Recognition Sensitivity]: [3(Standard)]
[Sbj Recog Frm Disp.] [On]
  • [Tracking: Spot M]
    If the subject's movement is predictable and the subject can be captured within the frame, set the camera to the versatile basic recommended settings ([AF Tracking Sensitivity]: [3 (Standard)]; focus area: [Tracking: Spot M]).
    Since the camera automatically tracks a subject that moves outside the focus area used when the camera started tracking, you can capture the subject while adjusting the framing of a subject during tracking.
    When the focus area is superimposed on the head of the insect, the camera automatically tracks the subject's head if recognition of an insect is effective.
    Furthermore, if during tracking you press a custom key (the center of the control wheel in the default settings) to which [Focus Standard] is assigned, you can move the start position to track to the position of the focus frame. If you move the start position to track in advance (for example, when the position of a subject changed due to the framing adjustment), you will find this function very useful when you restart tracking. If the camera frequently captures an unintended subject, press the custom key to which [Track Recog Off on Hold] is assigned so that you can focus on the subject again by temporarily switching [Subject Recog in AF] to [Off] and setting the focus area to [Spot: M].
  • [Spot: M]/[Expand Spot]
    When there are many obstacles, it is recommended that you set [Spot: M] or [Expand Spot], which lock the focus area.
    It is recommended that you set [AF Tracking Sensitivity] to the stronger [2] and the focus area to a small-area spot setting like [Expand Spot].
    You can avoid the focus drifting to the wings or background by setting [AF Tracking Sensitivity] to [1(Locked on)] in the scenes where the movements of subjects are intense (e.g. wings start moving from a standstill state).