Importing images to your Mac

You can import the taken videos or photos using PlayMemories Home from your camera or memory card to your Mac.

Turn on the camera then connect it to your Mac using the supplied or built-in USB cable.

  • When you import the images from a memory card to your Mac, follow one of the below steps:
  • Insert a memory card into your camera then connect the camera to your Mac using a USB cable.
  • Insert a memory card into the memory card slot of your Mac.

Start PlayMemories Home. When your Mac recognizes a camera or memory card, [PlayMemories Home Importer] is displayed.

  • If [PlayMemories Home Importer] is not displayed, click [Tools] > [Import...].
  • If your Mac does not recognize your camera, check the settings of the camera. Make sure that the USB connection of the camera is set to [Auto] or [Mass Storage] then connect the camera to your Mac using a USB cable.

Select one of the methods to import images then click [Import] to start.

  • ASelect [Import new files] or [Select files to import].
  • BSet a destination folder to import images.

When the import process is complete, click [OK].

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