Smartphone Operation Screen

The following screen is an example. The items which are displayed and can be configured may differ depending on the camera you are using.

  • Live View Display Rotation
  • Zoom
  • White Balance, Focus Mode
  • Continuous Shooting settings, Continuous Shooting Speed
  • Self-portrait Mode, See In-Camera Images
  • Switch Display
    Tap to switch the display between the full-screen display, Setting Menu screen, etc.
  • Shooting mode, Video shutter speed, Aperture value, Exposure compensation, ISO sensitivity
  • Various setting menus
    Major setting items
    Review Image

    Settings to display image after shooting.

    Depending on the camera or settings you are using, it may not display the image regardless of this setting.

    [On] / [2sec] / [Off]

    Save Options

    Settings to save review image to smartphone after shooting.

    When "OFF", image may not be saved anywhere if memory card is not inserted in shooting device.

    [On] / [Off]

    Location Information

    Uses the smartphone location information service to add the location information when shooting an image.

    This feature can be used when Review Image Save is [On].

    [On] / [Off]

    Grid Line [Rule of 3rds Grid] / [Square Grid] / [Diag. + Square Grid] / [Off]
    Mirror Mode

    Displays the Monitor Screen flipped horizontally. This is a useful feature when filming with the camera pointed at yourself.

    [On] / [Off]

  • Shutter Button


  • The still images captured by Remote shooting are, with the exception of some models, automatically saved in smartphones in 2-megapixel resolution.

  • The videos recorded by Remote shooting are not saved in smartphones.

  • If you connect the camera and a smartphone to use the Smart Remote Control of PlayMemories Camera Apps, the RAW data and aspect ratio settings revert to default settings. If you need to use settings other than the default settings, perform the desired settings again.

  • Some cameras are unable to use some shooting modes such as the Superior Auto mode.

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