Transferring while the camera is off (Camera Remote Power ON/OFF)

Even if the camera is turned off, you can temporarily turn it on using the remote power-control function, and browse/transfer images in the camera with a smartphone. You can operate the camera without taking it out of your bag.

  • The remote power-control function requires a Bluetooth connection. Enable the Bluetooth function on the smartphone beforehand.
  • This function may be unavailable depending on the material of the item in which the camera is being held, such as a metal suitcase.

Preparation – Pairing

When using this function for the first time, the camera and smartphone must be paired beforehand.

  1. 1. Connect the camera and the smartphone (Imaging Edge Mobile).
  2. 2. Launch Imaging Edge Mobile and open the camera’s Live View display.
  3. 3. Select [MENU] → [Camera Remote Power ON/OFF].
    • This function is unavailable on your camera if [Camera Remote Power ON/OFF] is not displayed on the smartphone.
  4. 4. On the camera, select [MENU] → [Network] → [Bluetooth Settings] → [Bluetooth Function] → [On].
  5. 5. On the camera, select [MENU] → [Network] → [Send to Smartphone Func.] → [Cnct. during Power OFF] → [On].
  6. 6. On the camera, select [MENU] → [Network] → [Bluetooth Settings] → [Pairing].
  7. 7. On the smartphone, select the camera that you want to pair when it is displayed in the [Camera Remote Power ON/OFF] screen.

    This icon is displayed when the camera and the smartphone have not been paired before.

  8. 8.When [Allow connection from the device?] is displayed, select [OK].

Browsing and transferring images using a smartphone

This function allows you to turn on the camera and browse/transfer images using a smartphone. The camera must be set as follows before this function is used.

  • MENU → [Network] → [PC Remote Function] → [PC Remote] → [Off]
  • MENU → [Network] → [Bluetooth Settings] → [Bluetooth Function] → [On]
  • [MENU] → [Network] → [Send to Smartphone Func.] → [Cnct. during Power OFF] → [On]
  1. 1. Launch Imaging Edge Mobile, select [Camera Remote Power ON/OFF], and select which camera to turn on.

  2. 2. Browse and/or transfer images as desired.

  3. 3. When the operation is done, return to the remote power-control screen, and then tap to turn off the camera.

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