1. Initial setup (iOS)

Before you can start using the Visual Story app and service, you must complete the initial setup, including Imaging Edge membership registration.

1-1. Install Visual Story on your mobile device.

1-2. Start Visual Story and follow the instructions to complete Imaging Edge membership registration or sign in to your account.

1-3. Enter the photographer information.

  • Information entered here is displayed with story galleries delivered to clients.
  • Also configure watermark settings as needed.
    2-6. [Watermark] setting

1-4. Set whether images are uploaded to the cloud when you are not connected via Wi-Fi.

  • Select [Wi-Fi Only] or [Always].
  • Each image uploaded to the cloud takes up about 1 MB of data.

1-5. Tap [Next] to save the information.

The project creation screen is displayed.

To change the initial settings later

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