Saving photos to a DVD or CD

You can save the photos that you imported to PlayMemories Home to the DVDs or CDs as data discs.

  • The disc creation function is only available for Windows.
  • You cannot add additional content to the disc after creating the disc. Additional content cannot be added to DVD-RWs, DVD+RWs, or CD-RWs either. You can write to the disc again after erasing all the written data.

Insert a new disc into the optical drive of your computer.

You can use DVDs or CDs to write photos. See the website below about the recordable file formats and compatible players.

  • The disc that you can use may be different depending on your optical drive.

Click [Tools] > [Create Discs].

  • If the [To Create discs, you must download the disc creation feature. Do you want to download it now?] message is displayed, click [Yes].

Click [Create Data Discs].

Select a photo from thumbnails, drag and drop it into the right side area, and click [Next].

Click [Start] to start creating the disc on the [Data Disc Creation] window.

When the procedure is finished, click [Close]. If you want to create another copy, click [Copy] and replace the disc.

  • AYou can change the [Disc name] if necessary.
  • BConfirm the number of media files and total file size to be saved to the data disc.
  • CAdd the additional photos or delete the unnecessary photos.
  • DOpen the [Settings] window.
    Writing options
    Changes the writing options as below:

    optical drive for writing

    location for temporary files

    writing speed

    Data disc options
    Sets the disc options as below:

    resizes all images

    includes a list of the media files (in HTML format)

    includes the folder which contains images

    Shows all messages that have been hidden.
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