Grouping images

You can check the camera information and shooting settings for videos/photos imported into PlayMemories Home in the [Properties] area. You can also add/edit optional information such as titles, descriptions, ratings, and labels. This information is used as search criteria, letting you search your videos/photos from the search box so that you can manage your photos/videos more effectively.

Display the [Properties] area.

Select a picture, then click [File] > [Properties], or directly click the [Properties] button on the right side of the screen.

Check and edit the properties.

To check the detailed settings, scroll down in the [Properties] area. You can check the following detailed information:

Camera information (e.g. Date taken, Manufacturer name, Model name, etc.)

Shooting settings (e.g. Shutter speed, F number, Lens focal length, ISO, White balance settings, Flash, etc.)

You can also optionally add the following four items (A-D) to the image information.

A Title
Besides the file names, you can also add/edit image titles. These are targets for keyword searches.
B Description
You can use this section as a memo by adding/editing descriptions such as shooting conditions. These are targets for keyword searches.
C Rating
Rate your images out of 5 stars. You can sort photos by rating based on images.
D Labels
You can sort images into groups such as [Travel], [Family], and [Friends]. To create your own labels, click [+ Add Label].

Click [x] in the top right of the [Properties] area to close the area and save the edited data.

See the following page for details on searching by keywords based on the edited information above or sorting by ratings and labels.

  • You cannot rename image files from the [Properties] area. Click [File] > [Rename File] to rename files.
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