Searching images

You can search the images imported to PlayMemories Home from the search menu through keyword and condition searches.

Select [All] from the menu on the left side of the screen.

Click [Edit] > [Search...] to display the search menu.

  • You can also display the search menu by the following way. Press and hold the [Ctrl] key and press the [F] key.

Enter keyword(s) into the search box, or check any items that meet your search criteria to search the images.

A Thumbnails / Details / Calendar View
Switch the display type.
B Search
Search by the file name of the image or by any information that you added/edited under [User-added info] such as [Title] or [Description].
C Labels/Rating
Sort by the label information or ratings () that you added/edited under [User-added info].
File Type
Sort by the [File Type].
Sort by the [Camera/Lens] used for shooting photos.
D Closing the search menu
Click [~] to close the search menu.
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