Overview and Home screen

Imaging Edge Desktop is an application to support creative work using Sony digital cameras. It allows you to adjust and develop RAW images and shoot images Remotely (tethered shooting) from your computer. Imaging Edge Desktop has three functions to make this possible: “Viewer,” “Edit,” and “Remote.”

  • Viewer:
    • Browsing and searching images
    • Filtering images by ratings
    • Creating time-lapse movies
  • Edit:
    • Adjusting the brightness and color of images
    • Applying Creative Styles to images
    • Cropping images
    • Straightening crooked images
    • Converting adjusted images into the JPEG or TIFF formats
  • Remote:
    • The Remote application allows you to perform settings and shoot images remotely on the computer by connecting the camera and computer via Wi-Fi or USB. You can display the shooting screen on the computer in Live View, and shoot images seamlessly while adjusting the shooting settings.
    • Furthermore, this application enables you to shoot in higher resolution by combining four or sixteen images shot with the image sensor shifted one pixel or half pixel at a time (Pixel Shift Multi Shoot.) [Details]

Home screen

Home screen
  • A Notifications

    Notifications related to Imaging Edge will be delivered here.

  • B Settings

    Settings related to Imaging Edge Desktop can be managed here.

  • C Sign In

    Register for Creators' Cloud membership or sign in here.

    • When you open My Page, you will be asked to sign in again.
    • Imaging Edge Desktop can be used without registering.
  • D Download/Update

    [Download]: Remote/Viewer/Edit is not yet installed. Please download and install it.
    [Update]: Remote/Viewer/Edit is ready for updates.
    When nothing is displayed: The latest version of Remote/Viewer/Edit is installed.

  • E Start

    Remote/Viewer/Edit will each start.

Switching between Remote/Viewer/Edit

Once Remote/Viewer/Edit has started, use the switch button in the upper left of the screen to switch to other functions.