Registering external programs

You can register an external program to Imaging Edge in advance, and then adjust displayed images with the external program. You can register up to three external programs.

You may need to adjust settings in the associated program for some programs that have importing functions for shooting materials (such as Adobe Lightroom, Capture One, etc.). [Details]

Associating external programs with Viewer

  1. Select [Settings] from the [Tools] menu in Viewer. Then, select the [External Program] tab.

    The application will display the image-processing program that is currently registered.

    External Program
  2. Select [Add] to add a new external program. Select [Edit] to edit a program that you have already registered.

    Set External Program
  3. Select [OK].

  4. If you want to change the folder from which files are transferred to the external program, select [Browse] under [Save in].

    Specify a folder and select [OK].

Associating external programs with Remote

  1. Select [Settings] from the [Tools] menu in Remote. Then, select the [Preview] tab.

  2. Select [Display preview with the selected program].

  3. Select the external program to register in [Settings].