Filtering images (rating)

You can filter images according to 5 ratings or color labels. You can also develop all the filtered images at once.

  1. Use either of the following methods to add a rating or a color label to an image.

    • Display the image that you want to rate. Then, press to set the number of star marks.
    • Display the image to which you want to add a color label. Then, press to assign the desired color label.
      ranked image
  2. Filter multiple images to process at once by using the rating drop-down list, the desired color label, or the file format drop-down list at the bottom of the toolbar.

    Only thumbnails of the images that match the filtering conditions are displayed.

    filtering conditions
    • A Rating

      Select the rating (number of star marks), model name, or lens name that you want to use for filtering. You can cancel the filter by selecting [Do not filter].

    • B File format

      Select a file format to filter.

    • C Color label

      Select the color label to filter.

    • D Clear button

      Cancels all filtering. Thumbnails of all the images are displayed.


  • To develop all the filtered images at once, select all of the RAW data that you want to develop, and then press the [Export] button. [Details]
  • To use ratings that you set in Viewer for other software that supports XMP (such as Adobe Lightroom), select [Export Rating, Color Label to XMP Information] from the [File] menu.

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