Edit window

You can adjust the properties of RAW images (such as exposure, color tones, and white balance, etc.).

  • You can also adjust JPEG images or TIFF images, but the items that you can adjust are limited to tone curve, shading compensation, etc.

Edit window

  • A Toolbar

    The toolbar contains buttons for functions such as enlarging and rotating the editing window.

  • B Image Display Area

    This area displays the image currently being adjusted.

  • C Palettes

    You can adjust the image using these palettes. [Details]

  • D Image Switching Tab

    This tab displays thumbnails of the currently loaded images. You can choose a different image to adjust.

  • E Status Bar

    The status bar displays the color space of the image, color information, and coordinates of the point where the cursor is placed.

Functions of the toolbar

  • A Enlargement/Reduction & Display Magnification Setting

    You can enlarge or reduce the preview image, and set the display magnification.

  • B Fit to Window

    The size of the preview image is automatically adjusted according to the window size.

  • C Actual Pixels

    The image is displayed in the same size as the actual pixels on the monitor.

  • D Rotate

    You can rotate the image 90 degrees at a time.

  • E Cropping and Inclination Correction

    You can crop the image or correct an inclined image. When you crop the image, you can specify the aspect ratio or the image size.

  • F Image Properties

    Shows or hides shooting information (Exif information) such as aperture value and shutter speed.