Operation panel

The operation panel provides basic shooting settings such as exposure and image quality. You can also shoot images from the operation panel.

The settings will apply to the camera immediately, and they apply to the Live View screen as well.

* Drag the at the right edge of each item to change the order.

Shooting panel

Shooting panel
  • A Shutter button

    Click this button to shoot still images.

  • B Movie button

    Click this button to shoot movies. Click it again to stop shooting movies.

  • C AF button

    Click this button to use autofocus. The camera automatically focuses on the subject. This function is the same as when you press the camera’s shutter button halfway down.

  • D AEL button

    The AEL button locks the exposure (AE lock). Use this button to shoot images in the following situations.

    ・ When you want to set the focus and the exposure separately.

    ・ When you want to shoot images continuously with a fixed exposure.

  • E FEL button

    The FEL button locks the flash level (FEL lock). Use this button to shoot different subjects with the same brightness.

  • F AWBL button

    This button locks the white balance (AWB lock). Click this button to lock the auto white balance at a point in time of your choosing.

  • G Interval shooting button

    Use this button to perform interval shooting. Interval shooting allows you to take multiple shots with the same angle of view. You can set [Capture start], [Shooting Interval], and [Number of images to capture]. [Details]

Mode panel

Mode panel  Mode panel
  • When an appropriate camera is connected, the following shooting modes can be selected:

    • Pixel Shift Multi Shooting

      You can shoot images with higher resolution by combining four or sixteen images. You can use this feature only if the camera has support for this function. [Details]

    • Interval shooting on camera

      Select this menu only when shooting images using interval shooting on the camera. Do not use this button when you set interval shooting by Remote on the computer.

    • Noise Reduction Shooting

      You can create low-noise images by shooting 4 to 32 RAW images and then combining them into a composite image. You cannot use this mode if your camera does not support it. [Details]

Main setting panel

Main setting panel
  • A Shooting mode

    The current shooting mode is displayed. You can change the shooting mode by operating the camera.

  • B Shutter speed
  • C Aperture value
  • D ISO sensitivity (EI value at the time of Cine EI Quick)
  • E Exposure compensation
  • F Flash compensation

Sub-setting panel

Sub-setting panel
  • A File format
  • B RAW File Type
  • C Image Quality
  • D Image size
  • E Recording Media Settings (not supported by all cameras)

    You can set the image file format, picture quality, etc., for recorded images separately for slot 1 and slot 2 on the camera. Set the slot to be used for recording beforehand on the camera at MENU → [Shooting] → [Media] → [Rec. Media Settings].

  • F Drive mode
  • G Aspect ratio
  • H White balance
  • I Focus area
  • J Metering mode
  • K D-Range Opt.
  • L Focus mode
  • M Flash mode
  • N Red Eye Reduction
  • O Wireless Flash
  • P Creative Look (not supported by all cameras)

Focusing panel

Focusing panel
  • A AF/MF switch

    The AF/MF switch may not work when the focus-mode switch on the lens or the camera is set to MF.

  • B Focus distance adjustment buttons

    You can adjust the focus distance in the manual focusing mode. The further you move the indicator to the right, the longer the focus distance becomes.


  • Depending on the attached lens and the condition of the lens, you may not be able to perform focusing operations from the panel.
  • Depending on your camera, the focusing panel may not be displayed. Refer to the following URL for information on supported models. [Details]

Histogram panel

Histogram panel

This panel displays a histogram for the image currently displayed on the camera. You can check the brightness, tone, and saturation for each color by selecting Y,R,G, or B.

Save folder panel

Save folder panel

You can set a destination folder for images that you shoot remotely.

When you set [File name] to [Manual], you can specify a string of letters as the prefix and choose the number at which to start the sequence included in file names.


  • You can change the ordering of the panels by dragging and dropping in the top right of each panel. You can make the panels easier to use by performing customizations such as placing the panel you use most frequently at the top.