Using the Control wheel and Control dial

Using the control wheel

You can select the item to be set by turning or pressing the top/bottom/left/right side of the control wheel. Your selection is determined when you press the center of the control wheel.

The default settings for the top/bottom/left/right side and the center of the control wheel are as follows.

Top: Display Setting (DISP)
Bottom: Exposure Comp. ()
Left: Drive Mode (/)
Right: ISO (ISO)
Center: Not set

You can also assign the desired functions to the bottom/left/right side and the center of the control wheel.
During playback, you can display the next/previous image by pressing the right/left side of the control wheel or by turning the control wheel.

Using the Control dial

You can quickly adjust the settings for each shooting mode.

The following is the procedure used for situations in which [ Shoot Mode] is set to (Manual Exposure).

: Select the desired aperture value by turning the control dial.

: Select the desired shutter speed by turning the control wheel.

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